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A blog designed to make it easier for budget conscious travelers to explore as much of the world as possible.


If you feel like you never have enough time or money to travel but still can't shake the desire to travel, you're in the right place.

Throughout this blog, you'll find budget travel tips, itineraries (for various timelines), and destination guides designed to help you get out there and travel!

What's Up, Girl?!

I'm Jennifer, a travel enthusiast who believes this world is made complete by coffee, Prosecco, French Bulldogs, and comfy clothes!

I have a tiny budget and a huge bucket list!

I used to believe that having a small budget meant I couldn't reach my travel dreams. However, I soon learned that what you accomplish in life has a lot more to do with your ability to solve problems and take action than with your budget.

Today, I strive to be my best self, working hard to cross every destination off my bucket list.

I'm so excited that you're here because I know that, if you work hard, you have the ability to reach your travel goals, too!

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Traveling on a budget doesn't have to be difficult or terrible.

But, it does require a bit of knowledge and effort.

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