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Be a part of a great community of like-minded travelers who want to experience history and culture around the world all the while learning more about themselves!


My Mission

If you want to take more meaningful vacations that leave you feeling mentally refreshed, you're in the right spot! I believe that travel is meant to teach you about yourself and the world.

Here at Roads We Wander, I'm dedicated to helping you get the most out of your vacations, whether you travel once a month or once a year. Of course I will give you great suggestions on awesome things to do in various destinations, but I will also provide you with historical context for some really great sites and cities.

I will get you out of the cycle of just going to see another beautiful place on your vacation. I will help you have deeper experiences during your travels that lead to adventure and self-discovery!

What's Up, Girl?!

I'm Jennifer, a travel enthusiast who believes this world is made complete by coffee, Prosecco, puppies, and comfy clothes!

I'm wandering my way through the world city by city!

During my travels, you can find me taking 1000s of "okay" pictures and awkwardly conversing with strangers (whoops!).

On this blog, you'll get to see all of my "okay" pictures (😉), and hear all of my cringe-worthy stories!

You'll also discover my tried and true tips and tricks, money-saving hacks, a bit of history (#historyrocks), profanity (sorry not sorry), and plenty of awesome suggestions for your next vacation!

Enjoying Prosecco in Venice!

Enjoying Prosecco in Venice!

Will You Be My Friend?

Seriously! I love connecting with people from all around the world!

You can find me most often on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.

Always feel free to DM me with any qeustions pertaining to the blog or your upcoming travels. I'm here to help!

Want to hang out with me on Pinterest? I have a Group Board, and I want you to collaborate with me! It's in it's infancy (literally only has one pin in it as I'm writing this 😂). But, I want to create a space where we can come together and share awesome and inspirational ideas with each other!

If you're totally in go follow me, and send me an email (jennifer@roadswewander.com) saying that you want to join my group board! Don't forget to include a link to your profile so I can give you a follow! 😊

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