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3 Scary Truths to Prepare You for a Layover at the Atlanta Airport (ATL)

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Traveling by airplane can be difficult and exhausting for both experienced and novice flyers. Use the following 3 scary truths to help you prepare for and concur your next layover in Atlanta’s International Airport.

What You Need to Know

Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport (ATL) is massive. With 6 Concourses connected by an underground tram and walkway, this is the largest most intimidating airport that I have visited to date. I am not an experienced flyer by any means, and had I been traveling alone during my layover in Atlanta, I might have missed my flight.

If you have not recently had a layover at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport (ATL), you should definitely read through the following list in order to help prepare yourself. But don’t worry, follow my advice and you’ll be just fine! πŸ™‚

1. You Most Likely Won’t Know Which Terminal Your Connecting Flight Will Leave from Until You Arrive

This sounds scary. And it can be. But be confident. You got this!

There are computers littered throughout the airport that will scan your boarding pass and print you out a ticket with the updated information. This sounds more difficult than it is, but if you have trouble, there are plenty of associates that can help you.

The reason that your boarding pass may not have a terminal and gate assigned to it when you receive the boarding pass is because the Atlanta airport is so busy. If they assigned you a terminal and a gate as soon as you got your boarding pass, they would most likely change it due to changing times of the various flights arriving and leaving the airport.

Here are maps of the different concourses at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport (ATL).

2. You Will Most Likely Have to Switch Concourses at Least Once

When you get off your first flight and enter , you will likely arrive in a completely different concourse than you will be departing from. This means that if you have a short layover, you need to figure out which concourse and gate you’ll be leaving from ASAP. Then you need to haul your butt to the correct concourse.

Follow the signs for the tram and other concourses. If you have a long layover, feel free to get some exercise and walk between concourses. However, if you have a short layover. You need to jump on that tram!

The tram runs in two directions, so make sure it is heading towards the concourse you need. Once aboard, make sure you hang on to the rails next to you or the straps above you. The tram accelerates and decelerates rapidly.

Do not be super nice when boarding or exiting the tram. The tram doors will only remain open for a short period of time. Don’t dilly dally.

If your flight is delayed, you may find that your gate has changed. If the gate changes, it will likely change concourses too. Make sure that you are close to your gate at all times. This means that if you grab something to eat, you should probably stay within your concourse, unless you have an outrageously long layover.

Here, you can check your flight status at Hartsfield-Jackson (ATL).

3. People are Pushy: You Should be Pushy Too

Here’s the deal: the Atlanta airport (ATL) is large and busy. Really, really busy. You will have to push your way through crowds. You don’t have to be rude, but you should be assertive.

If you have a travel companion, stick close to him/her, but try to move independently. It will be difficult to maneuver if you are standing side-by-side. Instead, try to walk in single file. This give you the opportunity to follow or lead them, and you shouldn’t have any problems sticking together.

However, just in case, you should make sure that both of your phones are charged. You should also memorize the phone number of your travel buddy. You should be able to contact them in case you get separated. If worst comes to worst, you should each carry your own boarding passes that way you can check your gate and meet him/her there.

I hope that these 3 scary truths didn’t scare you too much! At least you now know that ATL is hectic. You can now use your knowledge to concur your layover at ATL.

You’ll do great!

Have you flown out of ATL before? Let me know if you have any other great tips in the comments below!

Until next time,

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