4 Reasons Why Halloween Horror Nights is Amazing

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Halloween Horror Nights is my favorite event of the year. Each October, I look forward to the night that my worst fears come to life. Monsters chase me through the streets of Universal Studios, and I walk through frightening, narrow hallways of themed haunted houses. If you have never been to Halloween Horror Nights, here are the top 4 reasons you need to go to Halloween Horror Nights 28 in 2018.

Your Favorite Horror Movie Villains Come to Life

If you love horror movies, you have to have a favorite monster/villain, whether it’s Jason, Freddy, Michael Myers, or one of the many others. At Halloween Horror Nights, there are 9 haunted houses, and depending on the themes for that year, one of those houses might put you right in the middle of your favorite horror movie. You will be exhilarated as you try to escape death at the hands of your favorite villain or monster.

Universal Studios always goes above and beyond with the actor’s costumes and makeup, making the nightmare feel all too real.

Variety of Scares

Halloween Horror Nights always has a mixture of haunted houses and scare zones, ensuring that you find your worst nightmare hiding somewhere in the park. Most years they have serial killers (even those of a slightly supernatural variety like Jason), demons, purely crazy people, monsters, and so much more. This keeps you on your toes. You’re never quite sure what surprises are waiting for you. If serial killers don’t scare you, you are sure to find another monster/villain that send shivers down your spine.

Planted Actors

Halloween Horror Nights’ actors aren’t always dressed up in makeup and costumes. Sometime they look just like you and me! When you walk through a haunted house, you might be surprised when the girl who was waiting in line in front of you is pulled off my a blood thirsty Michael Myers and murdered on the couch in front of you! This is just one way that Universal does a fantastic job keeping things fresh and scary!

Themed Alcoholic Beverages

HHN 2017

How could Halloween Horror Nights possibly get any better? Add alcohol. Their fun, themed mixed drinks are sure to take you from timid and nervous to bold and brave! You can even purchase syringes full of alcohol that looks like blood! Ew, but yum.

There is no shame in drinking some liquid courage to get you through the houses; in fact, the park strongly encourages it! Plus, indulging in a drink while you wait in line will help keep you perfectly comfortable.




I hope you guys enjoyed reading about the top 4 reasons to visit Halloween Horror Nights in 2018.

Since it’s October 31st, 2017, I wanted to you guys to read something to pump you up for Halloween in 2018. 😉 Is that mean? My bad.

Have you been to Halloween Horror Nights before? Let me know what your favorite part was in the comments below!

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