About the Blog

My ultimate goal is to provide you with simple travel advice that makes your travel effortless!

On this blog, you will find advice, stories, inspiration, and so much more.

Most of us can’t travel all the time, even though that sounds magical.

Life is more than that.

We have family, friends, significant others, work, bills, and so much more that we devote our time to. Every aspect of our lives is important. And when we finally find the time to escape from our everyday routines with the ones we love, it becomes that much sweeter.

Although this is a travel blog, we celebrate each day spent abroad or at home and strive to incorporate a little adventure into each day.

About Me

Me (Jennifer) at Halloween Horror Nights 2017

My name is Jennifer.

I adore traveling and writing (oh, and giraffes too).

I believe that experiences enrich lives and traveling offers many different experiences.

The world is big and, often times, scary.

It’s okay to be afraid. Everyone is afraid sometimes. But having the courage to do something despite your fear is what will set you apart.

So, be courageous.