How These Packing Cubes Changed the Way I Travel

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Getting tired of hearing about how great packing cubes are?

Yeah, I was, too.

Then, for an international trip, I finally broke down and bought some.

They weren’t life changing; I mean, they’re just packing cubes. But, they changed the way I pack, and I couldn’t be happier!

Honestly, I used to think that packing cubes were a huge gimmick.

Why would you need another container to put your clothes in? They’re already going in a suitcase!

Still, day after day, I read posts about people who are obsessed with their packing cubes.

In the past, my suitcase looks pretty rough when I travel. I can never find exactly what I’m looking for, and I end up unfolding just about everything in a search for that “one top I know I packed.”

Then, I’d have to refold everything when re-packing for the return journey, and no matter what, it would never fit the same way again.

With hearing all of the great reviews on packing cubes, I gave into peer pressure and bought some.

You might be wondering, “Should I buy packing cubes?”

The short answer is YES!

If you want to learn why I am in love with packing cubes (more specifically, the ones I bought), stick around because I’m going to be sharing how they helped on my last trip. I’ll also share any negative features that I’ve discovered because what’s an honest review without cons?

Ready? Let’s get started!

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Packing Cubes That Will
Rock Your World

At this point, you should already know that I’m all for packing cubes.

I think they’re the bee’s knees. (Who knows where this saying came from? I mean, do bees even have knees? Just wondering.)

Now, I’m going to share with you exactly why packing cubes are amazing. Plus, I’ll let you know which ones I bought and love so much. That way you’ll be able to get a good quality set, if you decide packing cubes are a good fit for you.

Bagail Packing Cubes

Bagail Packing Cubes

Effectively Organize Your Suitcase

I love it when things are organized; although, I rarely reach the level of organization that I so admire due to laziness…

With packing cubes (check out my favorite ones here), it actually doesn’t take any extra energy to pack your suitcase.

The only extra step is deciding which clothes go in what bag.

You can simply organize it by category (all the bottoms go in one cube) or you can complicate things a bit and organize them by outfits.

This means that if you’re on a two week long trip to multiple destinations, you can pack for each destination in a cube (outfits for Venice go in this cube).

The latter is certainly a more difficult way to pack, but it takes a lot of the work out of choosing outfits or unpacking while you’re traveling. Simply remove the packing cube labeled “Venice” from your suitcase while you’re in Venice.

I did not pack like that during my trip. I’m entirely too indecisive.

I couldn’t choose which outfit I wanted to wear in Milan or Venice, so I just packed based on categories.

I had 6 cubes to use, so packing based on category was incredibly easy.

Unpacking Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

I typically keep my clothes in my suitcase when I travel. It just works better for me.

Truth be told, I’m too lazy to unpack it and repack it. For some reason, I feel like riffling through my suitcase, messing everything up in the process, makes repacking easier. (Don’t ask.)

On my trip to Italy, I found that the room we had in Venice was actually too small for me to leave my suitcase lying on the floor.

So, I removed my packing cubes and put them in the small wardrobe in the room and stood my suitcase up so that I could move around the room freely.

Whenever I’d need to change, I’d just pull the packing cubes out of the wardrobe and place them on the bed. I’d get out the outfit I wanted and put anything I could wear again back into my packing cubes.

It was so easy.

Packing cubes will make unpacking your suitcase take 30 seconds, and once you're done, you can shove your suitcase under the bed or in the corner so you can freely move around your room.

It's fantastic, particularly for small spaces.

Plus, if you put everything back in your packing cubes instead of just throwing it in the dresser/wardrobe, you don't have to worry about losing anything!

The best part is that if you put everything back in your packing cubes at the end of the day (and put your dirty clothes in a bag), you're practically packed with no additional effort. You just need to throw the packing cubes back in your suitcase.

It's magical.

If you're ready to for easy unpacking and repacking, check out this set of 6 packing cubes here.

You Can Pack More (It's Not a Myth!)

I was confident that “you can pack more with packing cubes” was just a gimmick. Rumors that packing cube manufacturers were spreading.

After all, the packing cubes aren’t magically making your suitcase bigger. This isn’t a Mary Poppins situation.

However, I was thoroughly impressed with how much I was able to pack in my suitcase when I used packing cubes. It certainly was no Mary Poppins suitcase, but suddenly my suitcase did seem to hold a lot more.

I packed 4 dressed, 8 shirts, 3 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of leggings, plenty of undies, 2 bras, 2 camis, and I still had plenty of room left over! My toiletries and shoes took up half of my suitcase (whoops) and clothes took up the other half. It was a big suitcase (bigger than a carry-on), but I was impressed with how much extra room I had!

I had so much extra room that I was able to bring back a ton of glass from Italy for us, our family, and friends.

And, since the Bagail Packing Cubes kept everything together, I didn’t open my bag to find everything disheveled, even with the extra room.

Keep in mind that I checked this bag and even dragged it through the streets of Milan and the metro. I was impressed!

If you're not interested in paying to check a bag, and you'd like to pack in a carry on only, you'll

The Downside to
Packing Cubes

Just like with everything in life, there are some drawbacks to using packing cubes.

Let’s talk about them.

They're a Little Pricey

For what you’re getting, packing cubes are a bit pricey.

When I was shopping around on Amazon for packing cubes, I noticed that most sets are $20-30. And, with many of those, you only get 3 cubes and a shoe bag (or laundry bag).

That’s incredibly expensive considering what you’re getting.

I’m mean, they’re packing cubes…not exactly glamorous or even necessary.

You can effectively pack for a trip without using packing cubes.

You by no means need them.

So, in reality, they’re a completely unnecessary expense.

I have found mine to be worth the money, and I’m glad I purchased them.

I definitely think that some of the more expensive packing cubes aren’t worth the price. If you’re spending $25 on 3, you should rethink things.

Especially since the Bagail Packing Cubes I love come with 6 cubes for a similar price!

You Have to Store Them When Not in Use

Like with most things, you need a place to put them when they’re not in use.

They do fold up pretty small. I just put all of them into one and zip it up.

Then, I put them in my suitcase for storage.

So, really, storing them isn’t that big of a deal, but it’s definitely a drawback, so I wanted to mention it!


What to Do Next?

In short, packing cubes are an unnecessary luxury.

They help with organization, unpacking, repacking, and saving space.

But, you definitely don't need them to travel.

If you have some extra money and you'd like to enjoy the benefits that packing cubes offer, definitely invest in a set!

Like I said, I love my Bagail Packing Cubes. The price is great, and the set comes with 6 actual packing cubes!

If you're thinking about investing in some packing cubes, definitely check the Bagail Packing Cubes out. (You won't be disappointed!)

I hope this honest review has made it easier for you to decide whether or not Bagail Packing Cubes are the right fit for you!

Talk soon!

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