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There are plenty of Islands to visit. Discover why Sanibel, FL should be at the top of your list!

Vacations are opportunities to have new experiences. You should always try new activities and visit new places.

This year, I visited Sanibel, FL, and I LOVED it. I will post a guide to Sanibel, FL in the next week, but today I want to talk about my favorite part of the trip.

There are many reasons why I love Sanibel: their bike paths, wildlife preserves, beaches, and great restaurants. My favorite part of the trip, however, was the picture perfect sunsets over the ocean.

 If you have never seen the sunset over the ocean, you absolutely need to.

Sunset Pictures

I couldn’t believe the number of perfect sunsets I saw while I was in Sanibel. There was always the perfect amount of clouds in the sky, highlighting it with a beautiful array of colors. Bonus, there was a sailboat on the water one evening! It was the perfect addition to my photos.

I have placed the pictures in chronological order, so you can see the change in colors as the sun sank.

A Moonlight Surprise

While I was busy taking pictures of the magnificent sunset, the moon was slowly rising behind me. After I finished capturing the sun, I turned around and noticed the moon. I was incredibly excited. It may not have been rising over the water from where I was standing, but I didn’t care.

I took so many pictures of the moon. Most of them made it look like a tiny glowing dot in the sky. Annoyed, I kept taking pictures until I had been bitten by too many mosquitoes.

I walked away from the beach not thinking I had taken one decent picture of it. But when I reviewed them, I thankfully found one that was salvageable.

Additional Information and Links

I think these pictures may speak for themselves, but if you still aren’t convinced that you need to visit Sanibel, please check out my “Smart Guide to Beautiful Sanibel, FL” for more information on what to do and where to eat!

If you’re still not convinced, check out what Gillian Kendall with National Geographic had to say about Sanibel.

Also, take a look at some photos that Natalya Nodolski took for National Geographic.

I hope you enjoyed my sunset photos from Sanibel, FL. Check back soon to get a full guide to Sanibel!

Until next time,



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