Snowy Mountains of Verbier, Switzerland

Bucket List: Why You Should Visit Verbier, Switzerland

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It’s a beautiful Thursday where I am! I hope that your weather is treating you just as well!

Today, we are going to talk about, what I would consider to be, a rather harsh climate (at least in the winter).

If you love skiing and/or snow, keep reading!

Even if you don’t like snow, there are fun things to do in the summer time too.

If you prefer a warmer climate and flatter landscape, check out list of awesome vacation destinations in Florida!

Verbier, Switzerland

I have never been to Switzerland, and I must say that before reading about Verbier, it wasn’t on my Bucket List (granted, I knew almost nothing about Switzerland).

Why Add Verbier to Your Bucket List?

Just look at this picture.

Do you need another reason?

Maybe this will help.

Still don’t get it?

Maybe you need an action shot.

There now you’re ready to buy a plane ticket, right?

Brief History Verbier?

Verbier’s history isn’t brief, but my summary will be!

According to Verbinet, Verbier has only been a popular skiing destination for about 50 years. It used to be little more than beautiful farm country.

A few skiers discovered Verbier’s potential in the 1900s. Eventually, a ski lift was built, and the Verbier we see today, slowly began to form.

Verbier’s history doesn’t start in the 1900s, however.

Castle ruins nearby tell a much older story that was not recorded on paper. The stones reveal some of the ruin’s history, but I crave to know the secrets that they keep.

I imagine that, when visiting the ruins, you are left with a haunting feeling. All of the life that occurred in those rooms, towers, and corridors left traces of energy behind, forever saturating the stones.

Okay, okay. I’ll stop daydreaming.

I had difficulty finding images of the ruins. Perhaps you’re not even allowed to visit. I cannot say for sure.

As I said, the information about Verbier’s history was attained from Verbinet. It seems to be the premier source of information about Verbier. Click the link above (underlined) and go directly to the page with more information on the history.

Things to Do

1. Skiing, skiing, and, of course, more skiing!!!

With a lift, you just have to ride to the top and let gravity take you back down!

Okay, so maybe there’s more to skiing than that.

If you’re like me and don’t know how to ski, no worries! Private ski lessons are offered, so you can get personalized instruction.

Not interested in such personalized attention? No worries. You can take a class!

2. Horseback Riding

Want to see the views but don’t really feel like walking? Then this tour is for you!

Horseback riding is always fun at the beach, and I would love to try it in the mountains! This could definitely be a fun summer time activity in Verbier.

3. Mountain Biking

If you love biking, Mountain biking should be your next adventure!

The exhilarating trials that are open for use during the summer.

4. Golf

If you need a break from all of the (more extreme) sports, you have the option to leisurely golf at one of two 18 hole golf courses.

If you live in a flat place, these golf courses may be a little more challenging and worth a try.

5. Explore quaint towns

I adore exploring quaint towns!

They are adorable and always have distinct personalities.

Plus, the shops tend to be darling!

6. Massages/Spa Treatments

After a long day of skiing (or your activity of choice), nothing sounds better than a relaxing massage.

I don’t think I need to say more…

7. Tons of fun events!

Seriously! They have tons of events. Pick one you like and plan your trip around it!

There is a New Years event and then Skiing Tournaments at the beginning of 2018!

Learn more about Verbier’s events.

8. Unique, Guided Tours

For specific lists of guided tours and unique experiences, check out Verbinet!

Where to Stay

Watch this video below. Not only does it have some good information, but it will give you a sneak preview of what fantastic scenery awaits you!

If you need more information, check out Verbinet! They have tons of valuable information.

Please note that I have not tested any of Verbinet’s booking services and would recommend you decide for yourself if they are a trustworthy website before providing any personal information!

That being said, I do believe that, at the very least, the site provides helpful information that can assist in deciding if you are going to be adding Verbier to you bucket list!

Did you like what you read?

Let me know in the comments below if Verbier sounds like your ideal vacation spot!

Never stop dreaming, my friends.

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