Best Hostel in Miami Beach for Budget Travelers

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Today, I'm sharing with you exactly where you should stay when visiting Miami.

This is perfect for couples and groups!

Are you ready to learn about my favorite place to stay in Miami?

Let's get started!

You Should Stay at HI Hostel Miami Beach

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Do you think hostels are trashy?

I did, too.

However, my stay at this hostel changed my view forever!

At a hostel, you typically rent beds instead of rooms.

This means that you could be sleeping in a room with strangers.

Don't worry; you won't be sharing a bed! Most hostels use bunk beds, so you won't be sleeping in the same bed as a stranger!

While traditionally you rent beds at hostels, you can also rent out an entire room. You would really only need to do this when you are traveling with a big group.

Some hostels also offer smaller rooms for rent (like the one I'll be telling you about today)!

Why Should You Stay at HI Hostel Miami Beach?


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This hostel is perfect for anyone who is traveling on a budget!

You get a lot of the same amenities that you get in a hotel but for a lot less.

Plus, this hostel works with different businesses around town to give you exclusive deals on fun activities!

For example, when I was there, we had access to a great price on a Party Bus. I didn't end up doing it, but it was nice to know it was an affordable option!


Despite this hostel being incredibly affordable, it has the perfect location!

This hostel is right across the street from the beach. You don't get an amazing view, but you're literally a 3 minute walk from the beach!

Additionally, you're within walking distance of Ocean Dr. You know, that incredibly iconic street that is pictured in every movie or TV show that takes place in Miami? Yeah, that one!

It's also close to great shopping and restaurants!

We parked our car at the hostel and didn't move it for the two days we were there!

(Planning on driving? They say that they don't offer parking, but we rented a space from them, so they may be willing to do the same for you! You just need to ask!)

There's also a fantastic coffee shop within walking distance. Yes, even in the morning before you've had your coffee. It's only a 2 minute walk!

It's called Aroma Espresso Bar, and you definitely have to check it out!

Here's a map of all the awesome things that are close by the HI Hostel!

Various Bed/Room Options

I loved this hostel because it gave me and my friends the option to rent an entire room with 6 beds, so we didn't have to share with strangers.

Split between the 5 of us, the room was very reasonably priced!

Let's go over the different options!

Rooms for Rent

If you want to rent an entire room, you can rent one that sleeps 6 or 8. Both of these rooms comes with one ensuite bathroom.

The room that sleeps 6 comes with 3 bunk beds, and the room that sleeps 8 comes with 4 bunk beds.

You can also rent a room with a King-sized bed. This room is much more like a regular hotel room and is priced accordingly. However, while it's a bit more expensive, it does come with a TV, which is something that the other rooms don't have.

Check Room Availability Here!

Beds for Rent

You can rent a single bed (or multiple if you're traveling with someone) in an 8 bed room or a 6 bed room.

Each of these rooms has one ensuite bathroom, so there'll be a lot of sharing!

Still, it's better than a bathroom for the whole floor. I mean who wants to leave their room in the middle of the night to use the bathroom? Not me!

You can rent a bed in a mixed dormitory or a females only dormitory.

Check Bed Availability Here!

Plenty of Amenities

hostel miami

Exotic Cars Next Door to the Hostel

The rooms are equipped with lockers where you can store your stuff.

You also are provided with a towel. We were only given one each, but you may be able to ask for an extra one for the beach!

Plus, each room has a mini fridge!!!

There is a restaurant directly below the hostel, which means that great food is never too far away!

Plus, you can grab a beer at the restaurant! Heck yeah!

The hostel also has a hang out area where you can play games and met other travelers, which is great if your a solo traveler or just like making friends!

We met a couple from Europe (ironically not at the hostel), but it was definitely one of the highlights of our trip!

I'd never spent time with people I'd met while I traveled before. I usually kept to myself.

Sure, I've met people before, but we never hung out after wards!

It was definitely a new and awesome experience.

So, while you're staying at the hostel, you should definitely take advantage of the community space.


  • Budget-Friendly

    Since you can rent a bed, the price is incredibly reasonable! Even when renting an entire room, the price is perfect!

  • Location

    This hostel is located right across the street from the beach! Plus, it’s just a short walk from Ocean Dr. and other awesome destinations.

  • Options for Everyone!

    They have plenty of options for renting beds or rooms! There is an option that it perfect for everyone!

  • Plenty of Amenities

    Each room is equipped with lockers, sheets, blankets, towels, and a mini fridge! There’s also a restaurant that serves beer directly underneath the hostel!

HI Hostel in Miami Beach is definitely perfect for couples and groups of all sizes!

It's budget friendly and has plenty of amenities for guests.

I had a great time staying there.

For me, it was basically a place to sleep, shower, and change.

So, I didn't take advantage of all of the amenities they offer...but still, I had a great time!

I hope that you found this information helpful!

I also hope that you give it a try!

I think you'll love it!

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How do you feel about hostels? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

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