A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Saving Money for Travel

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Saving money is difficult.

Especially when you're already saving money for other things, like I don't know, a house or retirement.

It can be difficult to find more money to save when you feel pretty well tapped out.

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty lazy when it comes to saving money. I don't like pouring over complicated spreadsheets (yawn) or making uncomfortable cuts in my spending (who does?).

So, today, I'm going to show you the laziest ways you can save money!

These tips require minimal effort so that you can spend your free time having fun!


Let's go!

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The Laziest Ways to Save Money

Stop Paying Full Price for Makeup


Nope. You don't have to struggle with quitting your makeup addiction (at least not today).

If you're buying an exorbitant amount of makeup, you should consider cutting back. However, feel free to still treat yourself on discounted makeup.

There are plenty of websites that sell name brand makeup products for less.

Saving money on the essentials gives you more money to put into your savings account.

Wanna know the best part?

It literally requires no effort.

Just visit one of these websites instead of your go-to store (e.g. Sephora):

  • Buy Me Beauty
  • Hautelook
  • Nordstrom Rack

Stop Buying Lottery Tickets


I know. You don't want to be the only person in your office left behind when they win the lotto.

And, sure, it happens from time to time.

However, you're most likely just wasting $10 a month on something you'll never win.

It's like investing $10 a month into something you know you'll most likely lose all of your money and never see any sort of return on. Um, no one would invest in that.

However, everyone loves playing the lotto (especially in offices) because they don't want to be left behind and your odds are better. (Just so know, better than terrible isn't good.)

Start Investing


You know that money I just told you to stop spending on Lottery tickets? You can either put that money directly into a savings account, OR you could start investing it.

The laziest way to save money is to have your money make money.

Investing can be a long-term game. In fact, you should have some safe, long-term investments to help you prepare for retirement. However, you can also have short-term, high-risk, high-reward investments.

I know. You're thinking that it sounds a lot like the lottery, and, in some ways, you're correct. Making these kind of investments is risky. However, it's no more risky than playing the lottery. In fact, one could argue that it's less risky.

The good thing about these investments is that you don't have to invest a ton of money.

For example, I invested $20 in a crypto currency I heard some positive rumors about. It's possible for me to make $800 from that $20 investment, but it's also possible that I'll lose the entire $20 investment.

If you're new to investing, I recommend doing a bit of reading first.

Here are some great resources:

I use an app called Robinhood to manage my investments.

It's totally free to use, and there's no minimum required to get started!

If you're interested in signing up, you can use my special link: it'll give each of us a free stock in a random company! (That's literally free money.)

Use Coupon and Cashback Apps

Coupon and cashback apps are amazing.

The best part is that you can usually combine cashback offers with coupons and deals!

For example, I purchased 4 Freschetta Pizzas when they were buy one get one free at the store and then used a $1.25 cashback offer from Ibotta on each of them. I ended up only paying $2 and something cents for each pizza!

Just make sure that you actually need what you're buying. Don't buy something you don't need because it's a good deal!

Here are my favorite apps:

If you have a cashback credit card, you can also get cashback on top of your cashback from Ibotta! (More on credit cards in a bit.)

Let Apps Do the Leg Work


There's no question. We have access to a ton of great applications through our phones and computers.

It's time that we take advantage of them!

I have compiled a list of the absolute best money saving apps, and my review of each!

1. Qapital

Saving money is a huge pain-in-the-butt. Fortunately, some kind souls decided to end our misery when they created Qapital.

This app take the thinking out of saving, making it automatic.

Want to save up for your dream vacation? Just let Qapital know how much you need to save and how you want to save for it.

You can allow Qapital to take your change (rounded up to the nearest dollar) and put it in a savings account every time you make a purchase with your debit card.

Did you buy a Latte for $4.65? Qapital will move $0.35 cents into your savings account.

Depending on how many purchases you make, this can add up quickly!

If you're not interested in saving that way, Qapital offers other methods of helping you reach your goals.

You can learn more about Qapital here.

2. Tip Yourself

Ever want a reward for being outstanding?

Well, with Tip Yourself, you can literally tip yourself for doing anything.

Did you get out of bed without hitting the snooze button? Tip yourself!

Did you ignore a craving? Um, tip yourself!

It's a pretty silly concept but can be a fun way to save money and reward positive behaviors. Who knows, maybe you'll break a few bad habits and make some good ones!

3. Smart Piggy

This app is similar to Qapital in that it allows you to save money without even thinking about it.

One benefit to using Smart Piggy over Qapital is that Smart Piggy actually pays you interested for the money you save with the app.

You could definitely use either Qapital or Smart Piggy, depending on which one better suits your needs. (Using both seems pointless.

Get Another (Better) Savings Account


Sure, setting up a new savings account doesn't sound effortless, but I promise it'll be worth it!

If you use the Smart Piggy app above, you can skip this step since it's incorporated into the app.

Otherwise, you should look into a High-Yeild Savings Account.

These typically pay much more in interest than the national average, which is awesome!

Many of these savings accounts don't require minimum amounts or tack on horrifying fees.

For example, you can apply for a free High-Yield savings account with American Express. There are no fees, and you can transfer money out of the account up to six times per month.

You can learn more about the Amex High-Yield Savings Account here.

I'm sure there are plenty of other options. That just happens to be the one I'm familiar with.

Get a Cashback or Travel Rewards Credit Card


Travel Rewards

It's no secret that having a good credit card can help you reach your travel goals quicker.

If you're positive that the only rewards you want are travel related, there are tons of travel rewards credit cards.

I've never used a travel rewards credit card, so I can't make any great recommendations; however, if you do decide to get one, make sure that you can earn miles/points on purchases you'll actually make.

Many of those types of credit cards give you points for buying tickets with a particular airline but almost nothing else.


Personally, I have an American Express Everyday Cashback card.

I've had it for almost a year, and I love it!

The cashback is actually worth my time and adds up pretty quickly.

I like that once I've earned $25 in cashback, I can use the credit to pay my bill.

It's literally free money.

Learn more here.

Create a Budget that Works for You


While budgeting totally sucks, it's completely necessary if you'd like to save to money.

I've always found budgeting to be time consuming and miserable. Do ya feel me?

I've tried numerous apps that are supposed to make budgeting hands-off. But, they never work quite right. They don't categorize my spending properly, and lord help me if I use cash instead of my debit card.

After much searching, I've finally found a system that works for me!

It's a simple Excel spreadsheet that I spend 5 minutes (or less) each day filling out.


It has my spending goals for each category, how much I've spent in each category, and how much money I have left in each category.

Seriously, super simple and straight forward.

Since I've loved it so much, I want to give you the opportunity to try it, too!

Go check it out!

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You Can Do This!

I totally get it.

Saving money is difficult and no fun.

But, I promise that the reward is well worth it!

You just have to hold out for that reward; it's not instant.

The best things in life aren't handed to you; you have to work for them.

While I know we live in a world that favors instant gratification, you can teach yourself to wait for your reward.

You will mess up. You will fail. (You're human just like the rest of us.) To be successful, you just need to adjust your strategy and try again.

If you need an extra push, make sure you signup for my Money Saving Email Challenge!

You've got this!

Talk soon!


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