Travel Goals Course – Section 1: Lesson 4

Choose Activities (Sub-Goals)

Section 1: Lesson 4


Today's Lesson:

In this lesson, we are going to talk about creating sub-goals!

These sub-goals will be different activities and experiences you want to do/have in each destination.

Follow Along:

You will need to get out your Travel Goals Workbook for this lesson.

You will be filling out the rest of step 3!

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How to Choose Activities:

Start with either Google or Pinterest.

Both of these search engines are great for doing research.

I recommend that you use both because they will each give you very different results.

Limit your research time for each destination.

You could easily get lost in a sea of information, but that's counterproductive.

Instead, choose a certain amount of time or resources you'd like to check before making a decision.

You can always do more research later and change these then.

This is just to get you started!

Quiz Time!

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