Travel Goals Course – Section 2: Lesson 5

Estimating Airfare Costs

Section 2: Lesson 5


Before We Get Started:

Before we dive into this lesson, I want to tell you something important: you only need to estimate the cost for the one trip your saving up for!

You do not need to estimate the cost for all 5 of your goals.

You can estimate the cost of the others when you start saving for them.

Today's Lesson:

In this lesson, I'm going to show you how to estimate the cost of your airplane ticket.

This can be a little tricky because of flight prices fluctuate over time, but remember, you're just looking for an estimate!

If the month you originally planned on traveling during turns out to be extra expensive, feel free to travel during a cheaper month!

Follow Along:

For right now, download and print the PDF below, which you will use to take notes on your research.

Once you've estimated all of your costs (at the end of lesson 8), we will continue with the workbook.

Video Lecture

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