Travel Goals Course – Section 2: Lesson 7

Estimate the Cost of Food

Section 2: Lesson 7


Today's Lesson:

This lesson is all about estimating the cost of food!

This lesson is super easy. It should literally take you 2 minutes to complete the action items.

So, no excuses!

Follow Along:

Today, you'll need your notes!

You'll want to write down the number of meals you think you'll eat out, the number of meals you think you'll eat in, the general cost of each meal, and your grocery cost guesstimation.

No Quiz This Time!


Join the Discussion!

Do you enjoy making some of your meals while you're on vacation?

Or, do you feel as though time in the kitchen should be banned while you're enjoying you vacay?

I totally get it if you feel like you spend enough time in the kitchen at home. Just remember, that don't actually have to cook. You just need to heat something up.

Let me know how you feel about taking advantage of a kitchen/kitchenette on your vacation in the comments below!

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