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Valentine’s Day: 5 Best Romantic Destinations to Reignite the Spark

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Wanna getaway for Valentine's Day?

Below are the 5 best romantic destinations for your perfect weekend!

It doesn't matter what you're trying to escape from; these romantic destinations have plenty of relaxing and romantic activities for every couple!

You can also cheaply travel to these 5 best romantic destinations! So, if you're on a budget, one of these destinations might be perfect for you!

1. St. Augustine, Florida


If you've read my previous post about St. Augustine (Ultimate Guide to St. Augustine, Florida), you shouldn't be surprised to see St. Augustine at the top of this list! I absolutely adore St. Augustine.

The city has tons of Bed & Breakfasts!

Seriously, you can book a cozy room for you and your significant other that is within walking distance of everything!

There are tons of romantic restaurants to choose from. A lot of them don't have many tables, so make sure you make reservations!

After dinner, you can walk along the beautiful bay!

Plus, if you're feeling like dancing, there are tons of bars that you and your significant other can hit up! You can dance, meet some new people, try new drinks, and then walk back to your Bed & Breakfast!

If you want some suggestions on where to go and what to see, you should check out my Ultimate Guide to St. Augustine, Florida!

2. Savannah, Georgia


Savannah, Georgia is a beautiful, southern town! Because of the city's history, the architecture is beautiful, and there are plenty of fun sites to see during your visit. Plus, Savannah is thought to be haunted, so if you and your significant other are brave enough, you could go on a ghost tour!

The city has tons a great restaurants! If you love southern food, you will absolutely love Savannah! The city has tons of restaurants that serve amazing southern cuisine. Some of them are pretty casual, but there are others that have a fancy, intimate atmosphere that is perfect for Valentine's Day!

Similar to St. Augustine, Savannah has a lot of Bed & Breakfasts! I love Bed & Breakfasts because they are quaint, comfortable, and a lot more personal.

3. New York, New York

Obviously, New York had to make this list!

The Big Apple has tons of shows, restaurants, and stunning sites to see!

If you've never been, you should definitely consider planning a romantic weekend! While New York may not have the small town feel of the previous two cities, it has an electric atmosphere that will absolutely ignite you and your significant other's chemistry.

If you love theater, a romantic trip to New York would definitely be a great opportunity to see a Broadway show! Just make sure that you purchase tickets in advance!


4. San Antonio, Texas


San Antonio is another city with a lot of history. It's so funny how historical cities can be so romantic!

San Antonio has a beautiful a beautiful river walk that is right by the Alamo! There are tons of restaurants where you can eat outside by the river. Plus, you can take a boat ride to see the sites if you don't feel like walking or you just want a different view! There are even hotels located nearby, so you can really be at the heart of beautiful San Antonio!

The relaxed atmosphere and fantastic scenery are two of San Antonio's best romantic qualities!

5. Seattle, Washington


Seattle might be a little cold in February, but if you and your significant other don't mind cold nights, you can rent a hotel and cozy up together with some candles and (spiked) hot chocolate.

When you finally do feel like venturing outside, hopefully during warmer portions of the day, you could go to the top of the space needle or explore a beautiful park. Maybe you could even pop into a local coffee shop!

The water and mountains surrounding Seattle make it a serene destination that you and your significant other are sure to love!


I hope that you guys found this post inspiring!

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Don't worry; even if you won't be traveling for Valentine's Day, these cities are romantic all year round! Maybe you can pick one to visit on your anniversary instead!

However, if you will be traveling, you will need a hotel room, so you'll definitely want to read 10 Tips to Book Your Ideal Hotel for Cheap!

Talk soon!

Valentine\'s Day: 5 Best Romantic Destinations to Reignite the Spark

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